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The 1975 last night 🙊 was so good! #the1975 #gig
rebel-youth-girl: you are probably asleep but I hope this puts a smile on your face when you see it: Emily you are one of the most perfect beautiful beings ever to be created and that I've met even though I've known you for a short time I feel like we were meant to be friends although I am only thirteen I feel as if you are like a part of me like a sister or a best friend and I hope you might feel the same why I am not pretty or close to being like you but you make me feel worth someone's time love u my big sis

Aw this is so cute it put a smile on my face! You make me sound so great haha but honestly you are such a lovely beautiful girl too and I am so happy to know you x



Mateus William

oh Sahara ❤️